James Ashton

Founder, CEO & Gaming Enthusiast

In many ways, James Ashton is an average guy. He likes fitness, tech, playing with his dog and of course, like many 29 year olds, gaming. But in reality, our founder is anything but average.

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James grew up in the world of football at Chelsea FC and spent the majority of his childhood life from aged 8 to 21, kicking a ball and slicing tricks passed defenders, only to have his dream cut short at 22, just 4 years after signing professional due to several career ending surgeries. Read more about his football career here. James was dubbed as “the most exciting talent to come out of Chelsea's academy in a decade.” 

Hanging up his boots led to poking his hands into the technology industry. At 24, James founded Boutique Baller, a luxury lifestyle store and online shopping service situated opposite Selfridges in London which sees many a-list and celebrities as regular clients. If you’re into sneakers, it’s worth a visit!

Skip forward a few years to 2020 (a year we will all remember, for all the wrong reasons!) and James founded Raise it up, a revolutionary fundraising platform which focuses on collaborative social fundraising to change peoples lives by using the power of social media for good - a business the world definitely needed.

Finally (but the part we’re most excited by), in 2021 James chose to put his love for tech and love for gaming together and from there, Planet-X was born. A game like no other, where mysterious treasure lies beneath the foreign land only to be hunted by X-droids should they be wise enough to uncover it. So, his question to you is, will you take on the hunt?

Follow the life of our ‘average guy’, founder on Instagram @jamesashton