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We’re all about community at Planet-X as we grow our game around the world.
Please let us know your honest thoughts on Planet-X.


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your thoughts on planet-x

We’re all about community at Planet-X as we grow our game around the world.
Please let us know your honest thoughts on Planet-X.


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The Search for Planet X ticks so many boxes for me, and I have so much fun playing it. I love playing a game that makes me feel clever, even if that does come tumbling down like a house of cards when I get it wrong. This might just be me, but I have continuous paranoia when I'm playing.

Diana Malhotra

i love the graphics on the game, i love every single detail. Everything you can expect from a great game is here, forget about the rewards and prices, the creators did an awesome job o creating this game.


I have never ever seen anything like what Planet-X is doing. The amount of excitement and rewards are gonna be unmatched for a long...long.. time. Superb graphic design and pants-pissing game due to trilled and excitement are going to get people hocked in this game. This is unique and truly the only one its kind.


If you're in these reviews because you need to be convinced that PlanetX is the game for you, you're in the right place. The chances of you seeing a negative review are very low, why? The answer is simple: because PlanetX builds in a different and novel way that satisfies practically all of its potential consumers. - It has a communicative, active and efficient team. - A game completely built with high quality graphics that will provide you with hours of entertainment and adrenaline. - A reward system that rewards players; yes, you heard right, they reward you for playing! And what's more, they are INCREDIBLE prizes such as video game consoles or top brand shoes... -There is a strong and committed community of players -And much more... I think that after reading this you have no more doubts, let the shooting begin! Good luck!


A friend of mine recently told me about Planet-x and was immediately intrigued by the idea. Finally someone took advantage of the blockchain tehnology and combined the web3 with real life prizes - and not prizes like subscriptions to stuff that nobody care about, but stuff that people in this place really like - Jordans, , PS5, etc… All of this backed with a pro team - count me inn


Planet-X will be i think favorite game for most ppl, the way as its build as is shown on the trailers is just amazing, i love the competition for prizes and the concept of it as im seeing for the first time such a thing! I think it will bring many players who are real gamers to the game and to compete with each other :) other then that i believe the team will deliver more for the players then any other game out there, cause thats what it meant to be .. love it absolutely! Excited to try the game soon!


Welcome to Planet-X, and no i dont mean Elon's new planet, I mean the original planet-x where Mobile gaming, Web3, real prize contest collide, All packed into a fast pace and actioned packed First Person Shooter. Say goodbye to the days of sacrificing graphics for playability, Here you get one of the smoothest Mobile FPS as you mow down opponents, and claim first place. WHat really sets PX aside from its comptetition is The Next Gen Treasure Hunting for Real life Prizes, Who knows you may even unlock the chest to one of the latest Tech gadgets on the market, but will you win it or will an enemy combatant steal your tresure? Play Planet X


I've been playing battle royale games for many years, however Planet-X is among the finest I've ever encountered! I became fascinated as soon as I stumbled on the colorful and interesting map. I'm in awe of how stunning the graphics are and how fluid the gameplay a smartphone. It's mind-boggling how many different weapons and pieces of gear are available. I adore how each game feels different as I improvise plans of action to utilize my assets to their fullest. The controls are simple and responsive, providing me the advantage I need to win whether I'm shooting from afar or engaging in tight close-quarter combat. Planet-X’s gameplay emphasis on teamwork is one of its most notable aspects. I've made friends from all over the world, and the adrenaline rush of coordinating our maneuvers in the midst of combat is unmatched. We can easily share information and carry out strategies. Planet-X's astounding rewards system is what puts it on a pedestal. Players have the opportunity to compete for money that can change their lives in the game's regular tournaments and competitive events. The attraction of huge financial awards has drawn a devoted and fiercely competitive player base, fostering engagement and maintaining a gaming community that is always expanding.
 In conclusion, Planet-X has captivated my interest and emotions unlike anything else. It's a must-play for any genre enthusiast thanks to the intense action, breathtaking visuals, easy controls, and focus on teamwork. You won't be able to put it down, I assure you!

AJ Gadia

high quality game


i love the graphics on the game, i love every single detail. Everything you can expect from a great game is here. Make Planet top 1 on web3


This is going to revolutionise the way we game! No longer will I waste my time playing for xp! I’m now playing to win anything from a pizza for dinner to a holiday for the family! So glad I’ve secured my x-droid! What other game out there can change a life like planet-X! I’m ready for lift off!

United Kingdom

Team always delivering, never disappoint. Very stoked on the game release!!

Roldan Anthony Baron

I’ve been following the project for a little while and cannot wait to play! I Currently hold two x-pods but I’d love to acquire enough for my whole family to be an X-Squad! Global treasure hunts for unbelievable prizes, what’s not to love!?


Tbh I love the game because of its vision, it gives opportunity to normal people or not so fortunate people like me to win prizes by having fun playing an epic looking game. It's not always we stumble upon something fun and rewarding at the same time. I've always wished to be one of MrBeast challengers but I'm from a different country. But this game made it possible to play wherever we are and it's free. Wow! I'm excited to see people's lives change with this game.


Beware! This is not merely a game. Not a drill. This is you, an extension of reality, in a context that ,with each hunt ,might change the route of your life completly! If you win, at some point, that will mean you made it, Big! So buckle up, join the ride cuz' when you play Planet-X, each time, the game is a real life oportunity unlike any other to make yourself notice by a whole brilliant community, join some trough prizes,and if done right, be hall of famed into the history about to unfold!🥂💎💪🏼 Awesome, beyond! Unreal?check again,its here to stay and make that difference! Genius? Better admit it! Get excited,FOMO... if you don't trust me, go to the dictionary and search for any of these : Huge,Gamechanger,Mainstreem Success ... and before any rational explanation, you'll bump into "Planet-X" as one🥹💎


The Journey to Planet-X is unlike any gaming experience I've ever had! From the moment I started playing, I was captivated by the immersive graphics and fast-paced gameplay. The idea of a live treasure hunt for real-world prizes adds a new level of excitement to every hunt. The bite-sized gameplay sessions are perfect for my busy lifestyle, and the competition against players worldwide keeps me hooked. The concept of X-Tokens and the X-Vault is ingenious—winning rewards in the game that I can redeem for real-life items is a game-changer. It's not just a game; it's a chance to win big while having a blast. Kudos to the team behind Planet-X for creating a unique and thrilling gaming universe!


I love the vision of the founder


Do you want to win $20,000? How about a Tesla or a BAYC? Well then I promise, you do not want to miss what Planet X has coming. The game is set to entice both beginner and experienced game users. Take a trip on the mothership while taking your X-Droid through hunts for the best IRL treasures all while competing with hunters from around the world in real time. K An active team that has been building for years to make sure things like graphics are out of this world, literally. Perfecting in game mobility to make a smooth user experience. Amazing founder. Amazing team. Definite innovators in this space. If you were not a gamer before Planet-X will have you change your mind. I am excited. Are you?

Dina H.
San Diego, CA

I'm genuinely at a loss for words to capture the magic that is Planet-X. From the moment I discovered it, it felt like I was being welcomed into a universe of boundless possibilities. The integration with the Ethereum network is nothing short of technological artistry, and the gameplay? An innovative stroke of genius. The recent live auction-mint was a testament to their commitment to excellence. I remember the thrill of seamlessly acquiring my 3 X-droids, all in one smooth transaction, feeling the weight of each digital artifact in my virtual hands. To top it off, the streamlined refund process, all within the same transaction, showcased an attention to detail and user experience that is so rare in the web3 space. But beyond the mechanics and the gameplay lies the soul of Planet-X. Each X-droid, every X-key, represents a story, an adventure waiting to be had. It's like holding a piece of a vast, uncharted galaxy, waiting to be explored. The deflationary nature of the keys? It's not just a feature; it's a narrative of rising stakes, growing excitement, and the promise of treasures untold. Planet-X is not merely a game; it's a tapestry of dreams, ambitions, and adventures. It's the childhood fantasy of treasure hunts and epic battles, married with the revolutionary power of Web3 gaming. Every pixel, every code line, resonates with passion, vision, and heart. As I eagerly anticipate diving into my first game, I can't help but feel a profound sense of gratitude. To be part of this journey, this narrative, is a privilege. Planet-X, you've not only crafted a game; you've woven a dream, and I'm ecstatic to be a dreamer alongside you.


What i love about planet x is a hunt game where we have to find treasure for the game.


Planet-X is a groundbreaking gaming marvel that has redefined how we play. The thrill of real-world treasure hunts, strategic gameplay, and skill-based wins make it truly exceptional. The X-Tokens, X-Vault prizes, and global accessibility showcase its innovation. Planet-X isn’t just a game; it’s an experience that empowers and entertains like never before. Thank you, Planet-X, for ushering in a new era of gaming excitement.


Planet X is the future. Its a game for everyone. Great graphics and easy to play!! Not only can you play 1 on 1 but, you can also play with a squad. You will be blown away by the graphics as well as the great prizes.. Get your boarding pass and Droid now!!


The first thing i notice about the game is the Graphics! Then the gameplay is Dope, You really give justice for the name of your project.


This game took time to build, that’s for sure. The colors look vibrant, eye candy if i may.Movement and combat looks really responsive and fluid, smooth as a newborns head. Jokes aside, this is bigger than web3 this is what mobile gaming needs. Fun interactive shooter, an amazing color palette and smooth animations. It’s amazing on it’s own but yet, here we have bounty hunts. Ladies&Gentleman, we are witnessing greatness.


Been Here for almost a Year,to be in the early Stage for ranking up the Leaderboard to get a special Role was a Blast and is was Fun to make Tasks for the Points. The Beta Testing was a nice expirience because we can look into the game and through our reviews the game get better with every update. A Game to win IRL Prices can change the Market and Planet-X is one of the first to make this happen. James and the Team are very engaged to give the best for and to us. Thank You for give us the possibility to be a Part of this one of a kind expirience.


I have been a part of the planet x community for a short period of time, however, the experience im having is a true testament to the years these people have spent working on refining their craft. The mods have been some of the best mods i’ve ever met, always on top of their game and the sweetest people ever. Ash, Jean, Nex and James are absolute legends, always on their grind and seem to lack an off switch. Apart from the community and the discord, the game is one of the most innovative things I've seen happen. The way they have incorporated nfts into a game so seamlessly, aimed to benefit the community in so many ways by providing us with chances of winning prizes is truly something you should not miss. The mint of the first 1000 droids went seamlessly, with the auction being the highlight of the event, an innovative way of ensuring a community driven price that is equally fair as it is competitive. I’m so glad I met all these people and have the chance to be a part of something massive. I am super excited to be a part of future hunts.


I can hardly contain my excitement for the release of Planet X! The concept of a daily live treasure hunt within a game is absolutely ingenious and promises an entirely new level of interactive entertainment. The team behind this game has clearly shown their innovative spirit and commitment, and I am incredibly bullish on their ability to deliver an exceptional and engaging experience. LETS GO!

Just jassim

I've admired planet-x since its inception and I'm sure it's going to be something big in the gaming and web3 space. Planet-x is very interesting

Radit Wicaksono

You guys really take your time to build the Game (interface and features) to be so cool. I'm really impressed by your work


The game interface is cool and interesting


Planet- is simply amazing.

United States

My boyfriend introduced me to Planet X during one of the Twitter (X) spaces and I've fell in love since. From the friendly moderator staff (Flight Attendants) shout out Ayesha, Meags, Mia and everyone else that I may not have mentioned on that team. Fawn is an absolute gem that's also stepped up to the plate as a recent addition. Jean Carlos and Ash Cam holding down the discord... Nex, of course, can't forget Nex, such a beautiful soul and also another gem of a human being. The leader of the X-Pack: James (Ghost)! You have the vision and integrity to lead this team and project in the right direction. I'm all for it. SALUD!

Cynthia Lb

From the moment I heard of the project up until now the Planet X team has delivered on so many deliverables. The transparency fosters trust as a customer in their team and wants me to keep my eyes peeled for everything that they have planned and coming up in the next month(s) and year(s) to come. AHOO, AHOO, AHOO.

Hamza Ragesh

I’m looking forward to the game even though I’m not a big gamer the gamification sounded like a fun time. I could stand to look for some treasurers. The auction was a smooth process and was able to pick up an X-Pod looking forward to seeing this evolve. The website is clean and functional even on mobile.

Jennifer Ellena

I'll keep it short and sweet, one word: James. I'll add two more: The Team.

Prey Ya

love my space is amazing


What isn't to like about Planet-X? The team is a breath of fresh air; from their fairness and inclusivity with everyone, to their communication and game development skills. The game itself is simplistic yet advanced and will cater to all gamer levels. With it giving back to its players and amazing team to back it, what else could you ask for? I feel that Planet-X is the place to be today and will be for a long time coming. I'm excited to be on this journey with them!


The game play is smooth. The beta testing has improved the game in every aspect with user ideas and reviews getting incorporated which has made the game all the more better. The game has top of the line prizes which keeps you hooked. The x-pods are the real deal and it maintains the user intrigue. It's just getting started with the promise for so much more and I am glad I'm here for it.

Chirag Gupta

The gameplay of Halo with game modes of Modern Warfare meet the age old style of treasure hunts. Planet Xs graphics, game play, game Mechanics have the perfect recipe for a world wide phenomenon.. leaving me curious as to how the baller team will react to/ address competition that's bound to come running! Every promo video, piece of content, and Twitter spaces adds conviction and excitement. Kudos on what's built and for the journey to come 💯🚀

Viral Lurk
East Africa

The gameplay of Halo with game modes of Modern Warfare meet the age old style of treasure hunts. Planet Xs graphics, game play, game Mechanics have the perfect recipe for a world wide phenomenon.. leaving me curious as to how the baller team will react to/ address competition that's bound to come running! Every promo video, piece of content, and Twitter spaces adds conviction and excitement. Kudos on what's built and for the journey to come 💯🚀

East Africa

1. Planet X the future 2. early supporter from the beginning,you can check notch website 4.boarding pass omg what a mesmerizing thing built to perfection , ui , the game. 6.founders are ghostpx 7.constant giveways 8.incredible storyline and game 9.#1 game built for the future= PlanetX 10.Time to reach the moon


I’m not a gamer- but I would play this game- you choose your strategy- Rambo or ninja mode? Team or Lone Wolf? It also happens to be the best looking game I have seen on mobile!

Dil Ashraf
Manchester UK

I love the futuristic flow the web design has, it is perfect to respresent what Planet X is aiming for!


Really cool concept first person shooter and the graphics are brilliant! Cant wait to get hunting tbh LFG 💪🏽


Finally! Something different to your usual Battle-Royale style games! Throw in the fact that we playin' for real world prizes, in an out-of-this-world game, and you've got a winner. Everything from the design of the characters to the colours on the screen is just so fresh.


unbelieveable to say the least. auction was flawless, was really pumped threw the whole thing. website is on point! the claim was very smooth. overall i would say by the far the easiest, and best mint ive ever particpated in. i see the project going very very far, super stoked for everything else to roll out! i appreciate you, and the team! very open, and communication is on point! thank you that is all! LFGGGGG

united states

I love the surprise element that the game offers. The game brings us all together and gives me a lot in return.


This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve discovered to date. The game looks insane and the team are second to none in the way they’re building and implementing their vision. Loving this journey so far and can’t wait for the next steps to come!!!

Alone Architect

I’m totally in love with PlanetX! I love the game (cause luckily I could be an early tester), I love the team especially James that is always here for the project and the community, he’s so passionate about PlanetX and what he’s doing and this means that he will succeed for sure, because perseverance and tenacity are the keys to the success! I also love the innovation in this project, in real life prizes and also life changing prizes: never done before!! I can’t wait to see this game worldwide and to enjoy playing and competing with all the world to get our prizes! Last but not least I love that this project is already delivering and we are still in early beta and we just minted some pods, neither all…can’t wait to see what the future will bring! I’m all in for PlanetX, thanks for what you guys do for us 💙


I like the App/dapp from Planet-X UI and UX With Lots of Treasures in the Game app Its easy to play and of course IOS/ANDROID can also play it Even in the Mobile Version The graphics are already good Might need an upgrade to Ultra , And Movement The App isn't smooth enough, apart from that I like everything starting from the appearance, features and so on, especially since Planet-X has Surprise Cheest in it 👀

Raff Jess

Just heard about Planet-X but even though I just joined, I am very interested in what the team is building. So far there is a community that has been riding with you all and I am glad to be joining everyone on this journey as the team continues to crush their goals. Definitely the most rewarding project i've seen to date so the future looks great if we all stick together with the process.

Kevin Alfaro
Los Angeles, California

I haven’t played the game yet but from the videos ive seen from the team in twitter i can say that they focused on the excitement aspect of a game. When an individual hops in planet X there’s prizes to hunt which make it an exciting game. Other than visuals that’s satisfying, people will want to play the game to COMPETE for the prize and i think having fun is part of it.

Florida USA

What’s not to love. AAA gameplay. Takes the level of competing, playing mobile games up a 100 notches, opportunity to win real world prizes, passive income capability, and so much more! Planet X is a great example of the direction video games are heading to next. Happy to be a part of this journey!

Lagos, Nigeria

Planet-X takes the age-old allure of treasure hunting and rockets it into a cosmic realm, creating a global scavenger hunt like no other. This isn't your traditional map and shovel quest; it's a high-octane race against time and competitors, with the vast, desolate landscapes of Planet-X as your playground. The true gem? The continuous fall of treasures from the orbiting mothership, ensuring the hunt never gets old. But beyond the gameplay, there's a heartbeat. The Planet-X team showcases a stellar commitment to its global community of players. They listen, adapt, and aim to create not just a game, but a lasting experience. So, if you're in for a dynamic chase set in the vastness of space, where every day brings new challenges and the thrill of discovery, Planet-X is your next gaming destination. 🌌🤖🔍

Aris Rapsos

Planet X is developing & marketing a mobile fast moving first shooter game with Great graphics where real world prizes can be won during game play. I’m looking forward to the head to head global competitions & winning some fantastic prizes!

Michigan USA

I stopped playing video games over 10 years ago, but hearing Ghost and the rest of the team speak on spaces got me very excited to play the game! It’s such a perfect concept that it can truly become one of the biggest games! The game looks very well made, a lot of fun to play and the fact that you focus on rewarding your users, will inevitably lead to this game becoming a huge success! Reinvesting earnings into rewarding the players, will cause a massive growth and I’m very happy to have discovered Planet X this early in its journey! This could truly become a billion dollar business. Can’t wait to see this game become number one!


Planet-X getting into the Battle Royale scene with an outer space themed mobile shooting game is all I can ask for, I love Star Wars and anything multi-galaxy. STOKEDDD


I adore Planet X! What could be more exciting than a mobile game that centers around spontaneous mega treasure hunts?! The lore behind the game and the treasure that lies on Planet X is sure to appeal to both players and sponsors. This game is designed appeal and be accessible to an incredibly wide range of ages - college kids in their dorms, colleagues in offices, moms with their kids (that’s me!) even grandparents! The team is dedicated, professional and responsive. I’m so excited to be here for the journey to Planet X!!


I love how clean the controls are and how vivid the colors look. Design is top tier and the way you are using prizes to create special moments for the players.

Victor Jaramillo

I love what the team has been doing. Love the fact that they are changing the way people will be playing games. The future is now with Planet-X.

Reapers picnic

Planet-X is consistently innovative. Having being a gamer for some time now, I was immediately endeared by everything Planet-X is cooking up. I’ve been gaming for almost 8 years now. I am into games like Fortnite, Apex, GTA, Fall Guys, Destiny and more. Even sometimes I play my Nintendo Switch here and there. I utmost was immediately gravitated to Planet-X and all their gaming features. From tuning into their Twitter Spaces, to knowing many of the fellow community members, I have nothing but positive things to mention and or say. I am excited to see how things continuously play out for them. I see nothing but a bright future ahead within the Web3//NFT Space. Are you into games? Look no further than Planet-X. The mechanics, the visuals, the community, they have it all. Come Join Us!


Planet X will change NFT gaming drastically and XDroids are really beautiful🤩🤩

Peyson Security

This game has been an absolute game changer! I’ve done beta testing for many games including Fortnite mobile but Planet-X has been the most responsive and innovative game I’ve ever played. The brand listens to feedback and makes changes very rapidly so it really makes you feel like your voice is being heard. The game itself has amazing graphics and runs smoothly regardless of how many players are online. The dev team really has outdone themselves by creating a game that is completely new yet familiar. The prizes appeal to everyone so no matter who you are there will always be something interesting to win. From first glance the game seems too good to be true but I’ve witnessed first hand people winning both from the game and from Twitter giveaways. The website is also very clean and is very immersive to anyone using it. I will 100% support this project/game because I’ve never seen a concept like this put into motion before and it’s amazing to see each new thing that’s put out! <3

Luke hansen
United States

I’m absolutely short of words but you guys deserved a lot of accolades and such act is called greatnes planet -x is class

Fawaz aigoro
Lagos Nigeria

your definatley inovators in the space and you show that your soley focused on the community and because of this you will be a huge sucess world wide and will become a household name for sure...i def cant wait to get involved and start playing! congrats on the mint aswell seen nothing but good posts on my timeline on x...unfortunatly due to having no funds i wasnt able to mint🥲 ...if i had the funds a key would be added to the vault aswell lol...amazing prizes you have been giving back to the community and thankyou for the chances on all of your giveaways aswell i always try to keep an eye out for them!.....congrats again on the successful mint out! always great to see!... see you around on x🚀


The exciting and thrilling part about PlanetX is the fact that it can unite all demographics under one roof, that of which is: Spontaneous Gaming. The allure behind being able to win a vast array of items by simply taking part in a game is really a gamechanger which will cause a lot of "FOMO" as we call it often in the Web3 space back to Web2. Long Live PlanetX!

Green Tox

Just want to say that the game looks awesome and the fact you can hunt for prizes and battle it out 1v1 for prizes as well is insane to think of.. the gameplay itself looks like a lot of fun from the previews that have been posted. What’s even better is it’s bringing web2 and web3 together, also bringing people from all over the world together to have a good time. Respect 🫡 what you’re building and accomplishing

Kevin oliveira

It’s a pretty cool onboarding experience. The bidding auction process was pretty easy to do. From the gameplay I’ve seen, looks pretty fun and possibly addictive. Claiming my xpods from my winning bids was seemless. Looking forward to playing the game!

Indio, Ca

This my first experience play game on blockchain gaming, to be honest I newbie But yeah this make me keep fun I with my husband play this game


Planet x is the best, especially Ash from the discord she really makes it even better. Next is pretty cool too if he could only turn up on time.

Ed graves

Super cool idea, and i’m involved with both - keys and pods and i can’t wait i finally play this game with my son, also he really love your concept of game.


I adore Planet X! What could be more exciting than a mobile game that centers around spontaneous mega treasure hunts?! The lore behind the game and the treasure that lies on Planet X is sure to appeal to both players and sponsors. This game is designed appeal and be accessible to an incredibly wide range of ages - college kids in their dorms, colleagues in offices, moms with their kids (that’s me!) even grandparents! The team is dedicated, professional and responsive. I’m so excited to be here for the journey to Planet X!!


The high quality graphics and the smooth gameplay shows just how much time and planning went into developing the game. I love the dynamic gameplay showcased in the previews, especially when shooter battle royales are wildly loved all around the world. The game itself looks fun enough for me to want to play it just like any game, but the interactive treasure hunting that gives you real rewards? Just wow! The game being on mobile is just a plus since it means being able to play it from anywhere that can get people really into the game!

Hong Kong

I haven’t tried the game itself yet so I can’t really tell what to expect. But what I have seen for sure the last couple of weeks is that the team is going hard developing and giving to the community. What I like is that I have become a part of already developed business that has clear view of what is to come and how to be the best in game. The team is accepting the reasonable feedback given by the community, which is great! See you at the battleground!


Love it. Strong project with solid founder and community.


It's not just a platform for gamers but even non-gamers. I am a gamer and since I am very interested in web3, it's a win win for me. But the best part is that even the non-gamers or even the non-web3 players can play as well. Non-gamers can take part in the ecosystem, invest in x-droids, rent the space and earn. Non-web3 players even if they don't own an x-droid can take part in hunts and win real world prices. I am lucky enough to part of this community as a gamer and as a web3 enthusiast. I can't wait to play the game and take part in not the in game events but various community events to win and showcase myself!


First time I am playing games in web3 Technology as well as with PlayplanetX. They are really doing great. I am addicted to play this game now 💙


I love the engagement of James and all the team for their community. Planet X growing day after day because their work and transparency. Planet X giving back her community since the beginning. The gaming with friends around planetx will be legendary. Sheesh!


Well now…whats not to love about this! I mean, starting from @Ghost , hearing him speak, his passion, reason even… he is so right, there’s no way this won’t have a huge success, and i might add, quite soon! Won’t take long for people to see its potential as well as what’s already proven and done… its bot a far promise, an idea(as brilliant as it is) its already done! Its already ready for players to experience , and boooyyyy sure looks like an amazing experience! Graphics are so cool! Quality top! Rewards , real, valuable assets ,high stakes, and that on top of the thrill to play live,online, with other people you can even interact with! This is beyond web3, it just includes web3 ,and i am so happy it does cuzz it gives us a chance to be amongst the first! This will be big, already is, people just don’t know it yet( not most… us few, blessed!) PlanetX is changing the game forever and for the better! The time is now and i am so happy to witness it and hopefully be a part of it🫡🚀🪐its a simple, brilliant idea, maybe even not an idea as a conclusion, that people love to compete, need to , deserve to, and on Planet-X we can and will that at the best level with highest rewards, only gettin bigger from one hunt to another💪🏻💪🏻 God bless guys and thank you for such an amazing opportunity💎💎


Planet X is making a innovation in the web3 industry. I am very excited and can`t wait to get in the scavenger hunt


Ive been Here from the beginning, also played the Beta Version of Planet X . All i can say, its a livechanging Game for the whole world. Incan highly recommend to dive deeper Info this Game. Search for our discord and ask questions, you wont regret IT.


Planet-X is an innovative and exciting mobile game that's making waves with its dynamic gameplay and real-world prizes. The team's dedication to the community and responsive approach to feedback is commendable. The game's combination of high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay showcases the effort put into development. With an engaging concept of interactive treasure hunting and the ability to play from anywhere, it's gaining traction worldwide. The project's focus on inclusivity and rewards for players of all ages sets it apart. If you're looking for a new gaming experience that bridges Web2 and Web3, Planet-X is worth checking out.


I found the team on Twitter in the very early stages and while it was initially giveaways that got me interested, what I quickly realised was that this team were different and Planet-X was not just a throw together project to flip and make a quick buck. I have seen the team constantly building and while I have not yet played the game, from what I have seen, I don't think it will be long before every kid and adult gamer, has Planet-X downloaded on their phone. I know my son will be playing this in the near future and I can see him and all his friends battling it out and having fun at the same time. In regards to the game and what I have seen: The graphics is what first catches your eye. The characters look absolutely amazing and the detail is second to none. The game play looks smooth and I love the Avatar colour scheme/feel of the map as well. I love the idea of mega hunts, with the extra options of 1v1 and 2v2 battles. I can just imagine there will some epic battles taking place. I could go on and on, but finally, the prizes. This is what I feel will be the biggest game changer in regards to mobile gaming. We all love being the last man standing and feeling like we are the best, but do that, then walk away with a prize, people will go crazy over this. I also love the idea of just hiding out and then sniping someone just before extraction and taking home the win. Awesome work team and can't wait try the game out myself.


If your looking for the next best game this is it!!! I have been absolutely loving the trailers and all the sneak peaks. The graphics and attention to detail is on the same level as major companies in the mobile game industry! The gameplay sneak peaks show that the game will focus on players having an immersive experience will playing. On top of the graphics and crazy experience it also has the aspect of rewarding users with insane rewards which will help keep players interested. The Team has done an absolutely amazing job with everything on this game and the Project I can't wait to continue to build and grow with them💯


To understand the gameplay, I have to first understand the lore. Aptly named Elixir, this treasure yields hidden surprises and the challenge is to find and fight to get them in the sphere and surrounds of Planet X. The story behind the HUNT is interesting and remarkable, and I won’t be surprised if it is a made-for-movie concept down the road. Although the game is still in beta, I can see already how the graphics are exceptional, in particular the mobility of the characters is sci-fi life-like. There’s more to imagination than meets the eye but I can say it is truly exciting how the Planet X gameplay will evolve in the future. Looking forward to it.


I am positive that this will be a big leap for web3 industry. It really hook my eyes, and I swear to God, if I have the money right now for my wants, I am a hundred percent sure that I will join the auction. Last comment, the interface(as shown in several posts) is really good and the rewarding system is totally awesome. Cheers to Planet-X and congrats 🎉 🎉🎉


I can’t wait for the release of this mobile game!! The graphics and gameplay look fantastic and topnotch!! The fact that it’s free for everyone to play is great for anyone who wants to give it a shot and not have to worry about wasting money on a poorly executed game, without even trying it first. The best part, you can win prizes in the game and claim them in real life!! How cool is that?!


This isn't merely a game – it's a tantalizing invitation for young and old to journey across mesmerizing landscapes in search of treasures. Even without setting foot on its digital terrain, the allure of Planet X is strong from just the glimpses showcased. Dropping into a hunt and Fighting or Surviving your way to coming out with a prize will mean basking in some incredible rewards. This is an ingenious idea for a game and it lives by three simple words Hunt, Win, Repeat!! 🪐🌌


Planet X reminds me of childhood solid rpg gaming since before I usually just play before started working in the company word. Hope to bring up the fire in me just like even that I am old enough. Besides gamer never die it only multiply. Go Go Go Planet X


🎮 I am absolutely blown away by this multiplayer shooting game app! The graphics are seriously out of this world, like a dazzling explosion of colors and details that transport you right into the heart of the action! Literally makes you feel like you are on another planet 🪐 The BEST part is that, the developers have really hit the jackpot with their unique idea. It's like they took all the best elements from different games and fused them together to create an adrenaline-pumping experience that keeps you hooked for hours on end! 🚀It's an absolute blast! 😄🔫 i wish i had more stars 🌟


I actually can't believe how amazing this is.. The gameplay so smooth, the graphics just unbelievable


So far, it's been EXCELLENT! James aka Ghost and his team have been building Planet-X for 3 years. This project was carefully thought off... the lore, the gameplay and the perks. Their patience, transparency and perseverance was so worth it! You need a Founder that WALKS THE TALK! Ghost steered the Mothership on the right path! So bullish of him and his team! Cannot wait for the hunt to start! My son and I are looking forward to it! I WISH ALL THE SUCCESS to James and his team, the project (Planet-X) and to the HOLDERS that support them as well. THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT FOR PLANET-X!


First game I'm experiencing through web3 and I cannot wait for what the planet x team has in store!! The teasers and videos so far has been top notch and you can definitely see the work the team has been putting in!! Cant wait for beta to come out and play!!!

San Diego

The game is a catalyst in the web3 gaming industry, seamlessly bonding the void between web3 & gaming. While a familiar feel to many Battle Pass related games, it exceeds expectations in the realm of creativity, uniqueness, ambiguity & player intrigue. It truly submerses you in the scene & you move like liquid. Will be amazing once the full game is available for all of us to play.


I love the easy to use interface in the game app itself aswell as the navigation in the game that I've seen so far! Grapics are immaculate 🙌 really look foward to playing the game for myself and hopefully make some friends to go on hunts together :) Love the vision and team too!

New Zealand

Best immersive and interactive website. Also the only project right now besides yuga labs that’s been very giving to holders. Wouldn’t change a thing. Keep on being the best planet X team. I support you guys fully.

Los Angeles CA

Planet-X makes something different at WEB3. Planet-X is an absolute masterpiece in the world of online mobile gaming. Its breathtaking visuals and graphics, captivating gameplay, sense of community, and compelling narrative all come together to create an unforgettable experience. Whether you're a dedicated space enthusiast or just someone looking for an extraordinary gaming adventure. Also with the awesome team building this, it's going to be great!


I think Planet X has the best video game trailers I have seen that is simultaneously building on the blockchain. They have an incredible development team behind it, and are making WAVES on the social media channels (ie. Twitter). After seeing the community that they have cultivated PLUS the game trailers I am so incredibly bullish on this project. I can't wait for the gaming experience.

Portland, OR

This is one of the projects that people are going to say was a diamond in the rough launching in a bear market while no one was paying attention. Good luck hunters.

Dallas, TX

My first thought where. Wauw! Finally a project how build utility that can be used directly after mint! Most project mint first, and after that, they decide to invest that money, to build something for the community (Unfortunately thats to late). I love Ghost his passion for the project. He really cares about the project and his community. He showed that with his last descision he made by exte ding.the auction, and the community told him otherwhise. He directly made a new announcement and undone his descision. He is a true leader. And i love the hunting concept of the game. And the PVP concept. Imagine projects vs projects and each project gives amazing prizes. You can create amazing relationships between holders. Because we need to work together as a team to defeat other communities "maybe" in the future. I am happy to be part of this, and will always support you guys. 😊

The Nederlands

Planet-x hmmm when you hear this for the first time you're wondering what is this, yea it's happened to me you'll think this is some kind of planet things for an NFT collection, is it cool? Lets find out 1. My journey started from a community that tell me about "planet-x" the hidden gem, but im not entirely believe and sure about it but i decide to go to the website and joined the discord, guess what i found? Yea the mods gave me a warm welcome and always talked to us (the community members) they gave us direction on what is planet-x, who is the founder etc etc, they did it all day and night and im not forgetting about the founder aswell "ghost" he always staying and communicating with the community and gave us what they wanna do and what they did for the game, you know good teams and founder will always give us updates on what they doing right yea the planet-x team is doing it 2. The game, yea planet-x is a shooter game like PUBGM,CODM guess what i become the beta tester and if you ask me how's the game? Its so damn amazing you'll never see it anywhere I this is the first time i saw it eventhough the mechanic is like PUBGM but the features the environment sheeessh you cant imagine it, im not telling you lies this is what i felt when i tested the game and the planet-x team always fix the problems and bugs 3. The website, hmmmm do you know when someone make a website but they really do it fast coz they wanna use it? This is what i saw when the first time i came to planet-x website but right now look at the beautiful UI, can you all really make a website like this? I guess not, no comment from me the best web i've ever seen from gaming NFT project 4. The last one is the collection hmmmm the xpod is not revealed yet but from the sneak peek it has the best quality for a droid picture i dont have any thoughts for this im just really hope like the community expectation "Now im death, the destroyer of worlds" Planet-x will make new worlds for the gaming community trust me Thanks a lot for the planet-x team im just happy to be here and be part of the community


I have been lucky enough to have played the beta and i have been super impressed! each section of the app is really clear, easy to understand and looks great. I have really enjoyed running around and using the limited gear that is on there, I am excited for the released version and all of the extra things i havnt been able to use yet. The last thing i really like about Planet X is James and the team he has put together, they have proven them selfs, hard working, reliable, consistent and transparent.


Revolutionizing the shooter genre, Planet X game seamlessly melds intense action with blockchain technology. Unprecedented asset ownership and trading amplify gameplay, offering a glimpse into the future of gaming. A must-play for both shooter enthusiasts and blockchain aficionados, pushing boundaries and igniting a new era of interactive entertainment.


I’ve not played the game yet, but it does looks amazing so far. I’m a life long gamer, so having a project that is built around Web3 but also has proper utility as a full blow computer game has so much potential. Also the fact that it’s a Web2 game that anyone can play will give it mega appeal. Throw in the prizes and let’s see how popular it can become. But what I really love is that it’s created by people that love games (as well as Web3). There is no way that something like this can be built by someone who isn’t a gamer themselves, and who doesn’t understand how games work. The enthusiasm show by the team, the professional graphics, not just in game but for everything else, listening to community members and the friendly community itself have got me more excited about a project than I’ve been in a while. With a busy family life I can’t really be a web3 investor right now, but I raided my savings to get my droids, not for investment, but because I genuinely wanted to be a part of this journey and play the game when it comes out. 💖

Bristol, UK

I've seen a gameplay of the game few times with my friends playing it as I watched and I think the game is nice and a next gen game. The fact that it's more like a call of duty mobile (CODM) and a Fortnite combined game integrated into the web3 is a marvel. Another thing I saw when I watched the gameplay is the fact that you can claim rewards which can be exchanged for real money, this is so nice and will encourage more people to try the game. I've never thought of a game giving out a gift work $10,000 but this game is giving out a Tesla car which is another thing no Dev or game owner have done and I don't think anyone will do this after Playplanetx in another 5 years. Kudos to the team and nice development

Afolabi Amos
New York

This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever seen. The game looks insane and the team have been exceptional. Such pulchritudinous people. They are THE best team to be behind this movement Loving this journey so far and can’t wait to see where this road take us


I've been following the project since they appeared in Web3, team, founder and moste specially the ideea they will bring to the table is incredible. Players arround the world competing for FREE for huge prizes is something I've never seen before. Congrats on the mint! And on the mix between web2 and web3, I wish more projects would do this. Let's HUNT!!!


Planet-X is an outstanding game currently in development. The gameplay we've seen so far has be phenomenal, the styling and colour palette is like no other fps I've seen. Such an innovative idea to combine FPS with winning real-life prizes. The game alone looks incredible, but when you also consider the utility from their X-Droids NFT, it really is too good of an opportunity to miss. The first mint was an incredible experience, very easy to acces and navigate and the information from the team was communicated amazing. I love Planet-X and can't wait to see it take over the world!


I was a big fan of PUBG and wondered whether winner winner chicken dinner actually meant something. Imagine a battle royale game where not only u r the last man standing,u also get loads of prizes along with it. A truly novel concept where you actually win prizes to come first. And thats not all. There are numerous loot crates on the map which you can redeem and get away with even without finishing the game. Once this interests you,you wont be disappointed by the overall content and design of the game. Starting from the founder who has literally given 3yrs of his life to build this game. they have a strong VC backing. The game itself has a Avatar like feel with futuristic weapons and mind bending landscapes. The beta is on and you can go get an X-pod to play for prizes above $10000. They even have a Tesla as a prize crate.And to top it all,they are giving away 20000$ to a person holding both an X-pod & a key. So,in one line,this is the easiest way to fill your pockets with massive gifts just by playing a game. They are still to launch in public and the community is super-excited. If they can pull this through,and I am sure they will, you can safely say that other battle royales will become virtually non-existent.


is this a game? and this is really a game? I have never played a game as good as this, both from the appearance and the modes that are here, in my opinion this is more than a game, I feel real when playing this, very good graphics and very real effects make this game real, keep growing planet-X !


Planet X's upcoming game offers players a captivating journey into a world teeming with history and intrigue. Set on the enigmatic Planet X, a celestial body discovered on the outskirts of Earth's solar system in AD 3092, players are transported to a desolate realm once inhabited by the ancient Xylon civilization. This advanced race harnessed the power of Elixir, a rare mineral that emanates unparalleled energy, derived from the planet's core. The narrative unfolds as players learn of the Xylons' ascent to the height of universal wealth through their ability to harness Elixir's immense power. However, their fortune attracts the attention of the nefarious Dark Mata, a malevolent race intent on seizing the riches the Xylons have amassed. As the story goes, a relentless battle ensues, driving the Xylons to the brink of extinction. Their desperate exodus results in the tragic dispersal of their treasure-laden Mothership into the orbiting asteroid belt, remnants of which continue to fall to the planet's surface due to solar winds. Now, players take on the role of scavenger drones known as X-Droids, hailing from galaxies far and wide. Their mission is to unearth the fallen treasures from the fractured Mothership and reveal the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of Planet X. The game offers an immersive experience as players navigate the ruins of the Xylon civilization, unraveling the secrets of Elixir and the planet's history while contending with the ever-present allure of discovering untold riches. The game's premise is a captivating blend of science fiction and exploration, with an intriguing backstory that sets the stage for an exciting and immersive gameplay experience. As players assume the role of X-Droids, the allure of unearthing relics and uncovering the truth behind the downfall of the Xylons promises an engaging adventure that appeals to fans of both narrative-driven and exploration-focused games. With the unique premise of scavenging fallen treasures amidst the remnants of an advanced civilization, Planet X's upcoming game has the potential to offer a memorable and enthralling gaming experience.


It’s not easy being a founder, and it’s not easy dropping a couple million on a dream, but when you have a clear vision, and outstanding team of supporters and builder sharing that same vision it makes things go a lot more enjoyable. The Planet X team has the recipe, and they have been cooking to deliver the most dope game with massive X-prizes for the winners. Looking forward to faces melting when this goes out to the public. The team- Heart, Desire, and passion, exactly what I look for in a team!

Gilbert Misiaszek
South Carolina USA

Amazing concept of prizes for hunters and amazing energy from the team involved!


Love the idea of the game and the energy behind the project!


Epic game, wild gameplay with unreal graphics!


"Journey to Planet X: Unite, Hunt, and Win across galaxies in a game that transcends boundaries and ignites the thrill of discovery." "Embark on an interstellar adventure like never before with Planet X – where the thrill of treasure hunts unites players across the cosmos, creating a gaming experience that bridges generations and blurs the lines between Web2 and Web3. happy to join the cosmic chase and discover a universe of endless excitement and discovery." The stunning graphics and seamless gameplay, even with the rewards, attest to the dedication of the development team🫡. One of the standout features of Planet X is its appeal to a wide range of ages, making it a hit among college students, working professionals, parents, and even grandparents. The prizes up for grabs are so enticing that there's always something intriguing waiting to be won, ensuring the excitement remains unmatched. The community-building efforts of Planet X are equally commendable, fostering a strong global player base and promising not just a game, but a lasting experience.I embark on my gaming career and eagerly await access to Planet X, my plan is to create a community of passionate gamers to share in the thrill of treasure hunts and battles on Planet X are incredibly promising. The game's engaging gameplay and immersive universe make it a perfect choice for streaming and content creation. I am ready to embark on an interstellar adventure that will keep my viewers and followers captivated as you explore the vast landscapes and competitive spirit of Planet X! LFG🚀

Devansh Jain
India (madhya pradesh)

Was very impressed with planet x team right from the start. There communication was very prompt annd efficient and I was one of the lucky ones to receive a key during the onboarding of select communities. Everything about the project is very innovative from using the key to open crates and the auction process of X droids, the website and game design are just amazing I look forward to the see battles and future of the project so exciting!!


I absolutely love what this game offers. As a gamer this is great to bridge NFT’s and games. It is great that you can team up with your crew and go treasure hunting and you can be a pirate stealing others loot! I am excited to play this with my friends and family!


It is the best project that you have been able to create in recent years, you have put all the desire in the world into the effort shown so far with all the events you have held, and from this moment many things will come from you that will captivate everyone. everyone in every corner of the earth, congratulations for this beautiful project

Carlos matos

OMG, the hype, the spaces, the visuals, the storyline, the concept, the founders, the game play, the prizes, the endless possibilities, the emotion, the tingling of your body when you know it's going to be absolutely EPIC. HODL forever. Forever. This is going to be insane. OMG.


I love planet-X they are bringing a whole new irl aspect to gaming and there game plan seems really clear and I believe they have the team to pull it off I can already tell the game is gonna be great just based on how smooth the mint went and how amazing the website is.

Larry major

Planet-X Is such an amazing game everything about the game to It's mechanic It's downright perfect, a game where you can hop In with your friends to win IRL prizes, what else could you ask for? It's mobile so It's accesible to everyone anywhere at anytime, It's a free to play game where opportunities to win are available everyday, the community Is such a driven community which are very welcoming and helpful to help and answer any questions, and the founder of the game Is as transparent as they come, always building and always Involving us the community, the player Into every single thing of the game, that you really feel part of something bigger tham yourself down right amazing game 10000/10

Puerto Rico

I spend so much time on another game like Hunt Showdown ore Fortnite now im so hyped to play this Game and Can't wait to play it with my whole family this great Future is comming

Alin Walz

From the deck to the teasers and mechanics, Planet X seems like it’s really positioning itself to be the biggest mobile game ever. Think Mr Beast meets Call of Duty, but with simple easy to learn gameplay and the biggest part, HUGE prizes. The fact that the more prizes given the more it will attract players makes the potential growth of the game extremely scalable and instantly viral. I like the design of the X-Droids, and the fact that you earn in game currency that you can use to better your chances of winning a hunt, but that it doesn’t imbalance the game and make it pay to win since you still need to participate in order to earn prizes.

Los Angeles

This game meets all the requirements that I appreciate for a great game, not just a leader that I have come to appreciate very much and not a boss, but someone who cares a lot about the community but also listens to them. In addition, in my opinion, mobile games are the future of the play market are So i wish u all a great future

Markus Stefan Walz
Germany and there where my friends are @home

Planet X has completely swept me off my feet! Imagine a mobile game that ignites the excitement of spontaneous mega treasure hunts—it's an adrenaline rush like no other. The game's rich lore, coupled with the allure of untold treasures waiting to be discovered on Planet X, is an irresistible draw for both players and sponsors. Remarkably, this game has managed to bridge generations, making it an engaging experience for college kids, office colleagues, busy moms (yes, that's me!), and even the most seasoned of grandparents. The dedication, professionalism, and responsiveness of the development team amplify the thrill of this epic journey to Planet X. I can't contain my excitement—I'm genuinely honored to be part of this extraordinary adventure!

Monu Rohila

Love the irl benefits! Wish something like this was made a long time ago!


everything the team has done has been top notch from the website design to game play. Excited for the launch of this product and cant wait to dominate the FPS mobile game.

antonio ruiz
atlanta, Ga

Planet X has been grinding building a next-generation mobile game for the masses! A global treasure hunt, first of its kind is about to take off. It’s been amazing to see the progress over the past year and engage with the ever-growing community. I’ve been able to be a part of the closed beta and Planet X has succeeded in building a legitimate mobile game, that has just as good a shot at making it as any major mobile publisher out there! My favorite part of the whole experience is the anticipation of landing a chest and seeing what’s inside. Keep it up Ghost and the PPX team. Y’all are crushing it. Onwards!


Haven’t seen it yet except for the snips shown, but have read the project info. The approach is very well thought out. The different types of hunts will definitely peak interest! The target audience is ideal the technology phase is only growing and most people will always have a phone at ready. The fact it’s easy to alert thousands at a time to jump in is also a pretty awesome idea takes it to another level. I look forward to the game! A no brainer for me!

Georgia US

I love the vision behind this project and the team is amazing


Planet-X, which is currently in Beta has managed to disrupt the gaming world and the enthusiasts are curiourly watching the evolution. The most noticeable features of the game are: 1. Amazing graphics which don't need to eat all your memory while loading 2. Engaging folklore and exciting backgroud music 3. Free to play and available on both iOS and Android 4. Its not typical play-to-earn game, you can hunt for hidden treasures while playing 5. You can choose your prizes which are in great demand and are of real world What more you can ask for ?

Pankaj Singh

The team seem transparent and been working on this for over 3 years

Not played yet but excited to try and win some awesome prizes the trailers Iv seen the game looks smooth and with prizes it’s gonna make it more exciting and provide longevity in ready to play

I think PlanetX will be known worldwide as soon as it hits the market. You will be playing with people and other shooting game fanatics in an epic battle where only the best person who can open the crates can be declared the winner. I have been looking for a game in web3 that evokes strategy and sheer will of determination to win huge prizes, this would be the one! PlanetX is going to be so popular because it gets you involved with the entire gaming community, web communities!

Norman Millona
Marikina, Philippines

i love everything about planet-x. from the founder to the team and communtiy. i've been lucky enough to witness this project grow and i am really looking forward to playing the game with all my new friends and trying out my luck with my x-key! my mega crate awaits . maybe next one could be yours ;)!


Well not played the game as yet, but seeing video's and looking at the placement of controls and the movement style looks clean, great FOV colour and vibrancy of visuals are great, cant wait to get my hands on it.


It's just a smooth running game, everything works as it should, i love my battle royale based games but this is definitely a unique one, we don't often get space based shooting games. Great job guys!

Vlad S

Planet-X is a groundbreaking gaming marvel that has redefined how we play. The thrill of real-world treasure hunts, strategic gameplay, and skill-based wins make it truly exceptional. The X-Tokens, X-Vault prizes, and global accessibility showcase its innovation. Planet-X isn’t just a game; it’s an experience that empowers and entertains like never before. Thank you, Planet-X, for ushering in a new era of gaming excitement. ❌🚀🏆🎮 #GameChanger #PlayPlanetX

Nevada, USA

Love what Planet-X is doing! They’re giving back so much and changing the future of gaming! Not only do they have an amazing game but you are playing for real life prizes!

Chris Higgins

beautiful game with excellent graphics, excellent design, mobility, they have a number of prizes and rewards for holders and non-holders, roads, comfort, entertainment, a triple AAA game on web3, its founder is wonderful, its moderators and incredible community, I really recommend it, I wish see what is to come and add a lot more to the project they are incredible thank you so much I wish you the best


As an avid gamer and explorer, I've ventured into countless virtual realms, but none have captured my imagination quite like Planet X. This exceptional play to earn (P2E) game has redefined how I perceive gaming, seamlessly blending entertainment with the thrill of earnings.

Paddy Horne
Liverpool uk

Available on IOS and Android A founder that wants to give back & build a community Real world prizes Unbelievable game play & graphics Nike drops and cash prizes

James Kirwin