Are you a passionate gamer and content creator eager to explore the innovative realm of mobile gaming? Planet-X is excited to announce the launch of our Planet-X Scholarship program, designed to support and nurture the growth of gaming content creators and streamers who are proud holders of our exclusive X-Droid digital assets.

Planet-X is a cutting-edge mobile game that seamlessly merges the exhilarating gameplay of battle royale style games but takes it to a whole new level where players compete for real-world prizes in a global competition.

As we pave the way towards a new era of mobile gaming, we strive to foster a community of streamers and content creators who share our vision and enthusiasm for the game. The Planet-X Scholarship is our commitment to this goal.

To empower our holders, we will provide a monthly spend to selected streamers and content creators dedicated to showcasing the Planet-X gaming experience. By supporting these talented individuals, we aim to not only help them expand their channels, but also inspire others to become part of the dynamic Planet-X community.


To be eligible for the Planet-X Scholarship, applicants must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrate a passion for mobile gaming and content creation.
  2. Be willing to commit to creating passionate content about Planet-X on a regular basis.


The scholarship will involve the following stages of growth:

Year 1 — Scholar (max 10 scholars year 1)

  • $500 a month — 2 months test period
  • $750 a month — Next 4 months
  • $1,500 a month — Following 6 months
  • (On acceptance into the program you will receive 1 X-Pod with an unrevealed X-Droid inside)

Year 2 — Official Ambassador

  • Custom package to become an official ambassador of the brand