How can I play Planet-X?

Planet-X is available to download on Apple and Android devices via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Simply search ‘Planet-X’. 

What platforms will Planet-X be available on?

Currently, Planet-X is only available on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices. 

What is a “hunt”?

A hunt is a live treasure hunt which is accessible by anyone with a mobile phone. Compete against others players to find hidden treasure chests on Planet-X full of real world prizes. 

How often do hunts take place?

Hunts currently take place several times a week. You can check when the next hunt will be via the lobby on the Planet-X App - keep an eye out for a notification on when the next hunt will start. 

Do I have to pay to enter a hunt?

Planet-X is completely free to play and always will be. There are optional in-game purchases but the hunt is fully accessible without the need to make additional purchases. 

Is there a specific time when hunts start?

Yes - all hunts are scheduled in advance and their start times are indicated in the lobby of the Planet-X app. You will receive a notification 30 minutes prior to a hunt start time to remind you when the next hunt is coming. 

Is the hunt limited to a certain number of players?

Most hunts are accessible to all players on Planet-X however, sometimes hunts may be limited to a certain number of players who will gain access to the hunt on a first come first serve basis. 

Is Planet-X a multiplayer game?

Yes, you can hunt alone or hunt in a squad with your friends.

Is the hunt specific to each lobby?

No - hunts are global across all lobbies. Every player or squad is in competition for the same hidden treasure that is mirrored across all lobbies. Due to technology restraints, we have similar lobby sizes to leading games such as COD Warzone and Apex Legends.

What happens when I find a treasure chest?

If you find a treasure chest during a hunt, this is an instant win and the prize inside is yours! The item inside of the treasure chest will be placed inside of your loot bag ready to claim when you are finished hunting. 

How do I buy items in the game?

You purchase gem packs in-game to and spend them on items to use in the hunt.

Can I exchange my X-Tokens for my currency?

No - X-tokens are non-transferable and can not be exchanged in return for your chosen currency. All X-tokens must be spent in the X-Vault. 

What is an X-Token?

X-tokens are the currency of Planet-X. They are found inside of every hidden treasure chest you can find during a hunt. X-tokens can be spent in the X-Vault - a vault full of the most wanted, trending items from various different categories. 

How do I contact customer services?

To contact customer services visit your profile on the app. Click on the settings cog and the first option available is ‘Chat to us’. Start a live chat to ask a question or share your feedback and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as they can. 

How do I join the creator programme as a gamer?

To join the Planet-X creator programme, please fill out the following form and a member or our partnerships team will contact you to discuss your application further. www.playplanetx.com/contentcreator 

What platforms can I play Planet-X on?

Planet-X is available on all IOS and Android devices capable of running the game. To play, download the Planet-X app from the IOS App Store or the Google Play Store. 

How do I win a prize?

To win a prize you need to find an unopened treasure chest during a hunt. Each prize can only be claimed once. 

Are hunts accessible globally?

Yes - hunts are accessible globally. Please make sure to check the start time of the hunt as this will differ depending on your location and time zone.

Can I play on an older mobile phone?

Yes - Planet-X runs well on older phones providing they are from 2019 onwards. If you are experiencing performance issues during a hunt due to your phone's capabilities, please lower your FPS and graphics settings via the in-hunt settings and restart the app. We are constantly improving the performance of our game - if after changing the settings you still have difficulty please contact our customer service team. 

If I win, how will my prize be delivered?

Once you have chosen or claimed your prize our team will automatically dispatch your prize to the delivery address you have added to your profile. The delivery status of your prize can be tracked via the delivery status section of the app. 

The game glitches, what do I do?

If you are experiencing difficulties playing the game, please visit the live chat section of the app to contact our support team. Having the details and specification of your phone will be really helpful for our team to deal with the issue as quickly as possible.

What happens if I find a prize and I’m playing as part of a squad with my friends?

If you find a treasure chest whilst hunting with a squad, the X-Tokens will be split equally between yourself and your team members. If a treasure chest with a physical prize is found, the player who found the chest wins it. 

Can I swap my prize for another prize?

If you find a chest with a physical prize in it, you can not exchange it for X-Tokens or another prize. Winning X-Tokens during a hunt allows you to redeem prizes of your choice via the X-Vault. 

What happens if I sell my X-Droid?

If you decide to sell your X-Droid before $GLX launches, you will lose the points earned from staking. Once $GLX launches, you will have the choice to sell your X-Droid with its earned points attached.

Can I stake my X-Pod?

No, you will have to reveal the X-Droid inside to be able to stake.

What browsers and devices support staking?

Any desktop browser that contains Metamask or WalletConnect integration will allow you to stake. For mobile devices, only the browser in Metamask’s iOS or Android application will support staking.

How does X-Droid staking work?

We allow X-Droid holders to put their X-Droid to work by staking them within various pools to earn $GLX rewards, our upcoming token partner.

Why do I have to give the smart contract approval to spend $GLX on my behalf?

When a user deposits their X-Droid, the staking smart contract must transfer it out of the user's wallet and into the contract itself. This action cannot be taken unless the user grants specific permission. This action will modify the state of the X-Droid ERC-20 contract, which is why it will incur a small gas fee.

Rule 1

The hunts will have a dedicated start and end time.

Rule 2

This Hunt is accessible to US players only. VPN connection is forbidden.

Rule 3

There is a maximum of 50,000 spaces available for the hunt.

Rule 4

If you find a treasure chest containing a prize, you must successfully extract the prize in order to be an official winner.

Rule 5

Delivery on all prizes is free, worldwide

Rule 6

You must only have one account per player.

Rule 7

We are not responsible for any drop in connection. Please ensure you play on a stable WiFi connection.

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