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Treasure Hunt Shooter, F2P
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Planet-X is the worlds first Treasure Hunt shooter, where players compete to win real world prizes. A global completion accessible to anyone with a mobile device.
Daily Hunts, Mega Hunts, Spontaneous hunts, 1v1 Battle Arena.
An alien planet, in a distant future.
Planet-X aims to build the worlds biggest treasure hunt game where players win life-changing prizes such as cars and houses from the comfort of their homes. Mr Beast style giveaways through a unique mobile game.


game USPs

The obvious USP is players get the opportunity to win real world prizes every single day. Winning prizes is down to the player’s skill rather than luck like the lottery, raffles or casinos.
Merging physical and digital worlds
Players tune into a digital experience to compete for real world prizes that then arrive at their homes if they win.
Spontaneous Gaming
Hunts can launch globally at any time, offering a never-before-seen live gaming experience. Picture this: players around the world are going about their day and receive a notification: “The Hunt is on - find the treasure chest first to win $5,000.”
Perfect for Brands
Planet-X enables brands to connect with a highly engaged young audience through a fun social game, creating a unique marketing opportunity for brands of all sizes.

game modes

daily hunts
Daily hunts are the main game mode on Planet-X. They take place every day at certain times. Spaces for these hunts are limited, and players will need to grab a free hunt pass to reserve their space.

- When a hunt starts it will tell players how many hidden treasure chests there are to find
- When someone finds a chest, it removes it from the total left to find.
- The chests will either contain an instant prize win or X-Tokens.
- Finding chests is down to the player’s own strategy, competitive nature and hunting skills.
- If a player finds a chest, they will need to successfully to extract the prize to become an official winner.
mega hunts
Players can earn entry into Mega hunts by winning X-Tokens in daily hunts and then spending them on a ticket to a mega hunt. These hunts are full of epic instant prize wins and happen several times a week.
Spontaneous Hunts
Spontaneous hunts drop randomly throughout the week. A push notification will randomly be sent to everyone's phones at the same time, saying something such as “The first person to find the chest wins $1000”. The first person to then jump in and find the chest wins. This game mode truly connects the whole world in a global competition.
the battle arena
Unlike hunts, players can play the battle arena at any time. Players have the ability to battle friends or random competitors by wagering X-Tokens won in previous hunts on Planet-X. The winner of the 1 v 1 battle takes all.
The Hunter League
The Hunter league hosts the most exclusive hunts, with the largest prize pools for the best hunters in the world. The Hunter League is strictly by invitation only. These hunts will be live-streamed to the entire player base and are something for all players to work towards.

key game features

the x-vault
The X-Vault is the in-game store where players can spend their earned X-Tokens from hunts on over 5,000 products. When a player redeems a prize, worldwide delivery is completely free.
Event-Based Gaming
Due to hunts occurring at specific times, Planet-X’s game-loop is completely unique, being an event-based shooter that starts at a certain time. This really places emphasis on the “game show” style of game.
Bitesize Gaming
Hunts last around 10-15 minutes, making each event bite-sized, full of adrenaline, and highly competitive.
Web3 - Player Ownership
Players truly own every item they buy in the Planet-X ecosystem and can trade these with players around the world. To trade, players will need to own Gallax, the token which powers the “X-Armoury”.

brand usage guidelines

full lockup logo
The primary logo features the full Planet-X logotype and should be the primary logo used on all documentation.
icon logo
A smaller version, containing a branded “X” is an abbreviated version of the main logo, mainly used in limited space such as profile photos, app icons and thumbnails, where the full-lock logo would not be legible.
logo rules
Do use the logo files downloadable from the “Resources” section of this webpage.
DO maintain the aspect ratio and orientation of each logo when scaling.
DO use the logos from the official brand assets provided to ensure quality and consistency.
DO NOT alter, distort, or modify the logos in any way that could compromise the brand identity.
DO NOT use the logos in a way that suggests endorsement or affiliation without permission.
brand colours
Planet-X has specific brand colours which should be used in all branded documents. Our brand pack is downloadable from the “Resources” section of this webpage.
The three main fonts Planet-X uses are "Söhne Schmal Fett", "Orbitron" and "Space Grotesk". We are fully licensed to use these. The use on fonts is included in the “Resources” section of this webpage under Brand Guidelines.